"The electric bike is a clean means of transportation."

Blix Vika Travel    (Black)

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Blix Vika Travel

The Vika Travel electric bike provides a superior way to commute or travel with your bike. This foldable eBike with 16" wheels has a 250 watt motor that assists for up to 30 miles with a maximum speed of 17 mph. Fit it into a bike bag, stash in your RV, bring on a boat, or store in a closet.

Weighing in at only 35 pounds, the Vika Travel easily folds into a manageable size of 24"x30"x16" (HxLxW).

The Vika Travel features superb craftsmanship, with internal gears that are protected while folding, a sturdy frame, and magnet clips that bind when folded. The strong motor makes up for the small wheels so you can easily zip around.

Blix Electric Bikes are powered by the Spin Tech™ system, a fully automated, electric pedal assist system with four levels of power. For more exercise you can select a lower level or turn it off completely. Either way, the hand throttle control is always available to power your ride.

Change power level, control the LED lights, check your battery life, read speed and distance traveled with the trip meter, and many more features directly from the display, conveniently placed on the handlebar.

The Vika Travel features a high performance 8.8Ah Panasonic lithium-ion battery, which provides power for up to 30 miles of travel. The battery is strategically placed under the seat for a low center of gravity. To charge the battery, simple plug it into a standard wall outlet, either off or on the bike. A full charge takes only three hours, but a partial charge will work as well.

Blix Vika Travel    (Folded)