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BH Easy Motion Bikes

Easy Motion is a subsidiary of BH (Beistegul Hermanos) bikes. For over 80 years BH has been known as one of Europe’s most prestigious bicycle makers and has built the brand into one of the most established and successful in the world of cycling. Since its inception, BH painstakingly engineers, designs, tests, and builds bicycles that climb with ease and descend with stability and confidence, always striving to provide the utmost in rider performance and comfort. The new Easy Motion Ebike has set the new standard in design, with the NEO receiving the Best Design and Functionality Award at Euro bike 2011. It’s the Electric Bike that doesn’t look like one!

pricematchNothing in the appearance of NEO Easy Motion bikes suggest that they are electric. Their exclusive design, patented by BH, makes the NEO a stylish and attractive bicycle that conceals a powerful battery in its frame and offers ranges of up to 60 miles per charge. Thanks to its accelerator, you can ride without having to pedal. They are a means of transportation that gives you more independence and mobility wherever you may want to ride. It’s also a fun way to start cycling if you are new to it, and get you involved in a group sport activity. It is friendly to the environment, healthy, easy to use and maintenance-free. Again, with all of Becky’s Bikes, they are: rechargeable-powerful-efficient!

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Compacts: NEO VoltNEO Volt Sport
City: NEO City
MTB: NEO XtremNEO JumperNEO 29er
Cross: NEO Cross
Road: NEO RaceNEO Carbon

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